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Add a little spice to your life!

Here at Really Indian we like it hot and there’s nothing we enjoy more than a delicious spicy curry! Our curry sauces are made using fresh ingredients, including fresh chillies. There’s a wide range of different chillies available and chillies can be varied according to variety to achieve the heat that you want.

Of course we understand that not everyone enjoys a very hot curry and our mild and medium curry sauces are perfect for those times when you want to eat something milder. Now you may not know this, but chillies are graded using the Scoville scale according to their heat. Chillies can vary hugely in terms of how hot they are, ranging from the mildest chillies, such as pimentos and bell peppers, through to scorching hot varieties such as the Naga Viper and the Carolina Reaper (the names say it all!). Very hot chillies should always be used with caution but milder chillies are brilliant for adding depth and flavour to a wide range of chillies.

Whatever your preference, there’ll be a Really Indian fresh curry sauce perfectly suited to your taste buds! If you’ve not tried our sauces yet we recommend them for their fresh ingredients and delicious flavour. Not only do they taste great, Really Indian sauces are healthy and versatile too! So what are you waiting for? Why not spice up your life with one of our curry sauces?

Lots of leftovers? Why not turn them into a curry?

What better way to spice up leftovers by turning them into a delicious curry!

We don’t know about you but we seem to have done a lot of entertaining over the Easter weekend and with lots of leftovers to deal with, it can be little daunting thinking of tasty ways to use up all that food!

Leftovers from a roasted joint meat or a chicken can be quickly and easily turned into a delicious curry.  Simply soften an onion in oil and then add shredded cooked meat, followed by your chosen Really Indian Curry sauce.  To make the curry go further, why not add a tin of chopped tomatoes or some veg?  Simmer the curry until it’s rich, thick and delicious before serving with rice and flatbreads.

It’s not just roast meat that makes a great curry – any leftover vegetables can also be added to a curry sauce, either on their own or with meat or fish.  Don’t forget that pulses such as lentils or chickpeas are useful for adding bulk to a curry and work well either on their own or with a combination of other ingredients.

As we mentioned in our last blog post – we love to hear your recipe ideas so keep them coming!