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Send us your recipe ideas!

In last week’s blog post we reported on the recent recommendations that we increase the amount of fruit and veg in our diet from five-a-day to seven-a-day.

With this in mind, we’d like to encourage you to send us your recipes and ideas for delicious ways to use our Really Indian curry sauces!  Last week we gave a couple of ideas of ways to use our sauces – not just in curries – but we’d love to hear what you think too!

Some of our customers have already submitted some great recipe ideas – see the Customer Recipe section of our website – and if you have any recipes or ingenious ways of using Really Indian curry sauces, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Seven-a-day is the new five-a-day!

You may well have heard news reports that the latest recommendation is that we try to include seven portions of fruit and veg in our diet, rather than the previous ‘five-a-day’.

Here at Really Indian we know that  using our fresh curry sauces is an easy way to increase the amount of veg you eat. Perfect for use in a whole host of different recipes, a Really Indian curry sauce is equally delicious when made with lots of veg or a combination of veg and meat or veg and fish.

Really Indian curry sauces are really versatile though and can be used in other ways – not just for making traditional curries.  Why not try adding a little Really Indian curry sauce to hoummous or mayonnaise for a tasty dip to complement raw vegetable sticks?  Or how about using a Really Indian curry sauce as a delicious marinade for vegetable and chicken kebabs?  The possibilities are endless!