Speciality Curry Sauces

Founded in 2011 by mum of three Gursharon, Really Indian Fresh Curry Sauces were created around the idea that a fresh curry can be simple and quick to prepare at home.

Gursharon was keen to serve up the fresh, tasty curries she ate as a child to her family. However, there’s no doubt that preparing all the ingredients for making a curry from scratch can be both difficult and time consuming, especially when coping with life as a busy mum. Gursharon was reluctant to use the pasteurised jars of curry sauces available in the supermarkets so decided to develop her own easy to use, great tasting and authentic curry sauces suitable for home cooking containing the original ingredients which her family has enjoyed for generations.

The curry sauces are made from a special blends of different spices combined with fresh chillies, garlic, onions, root ginger and tomatoes. The high quality ingredients are carefully cooked and blended to create  sauces with maximum aroma and flavour so you can enjoy a taste that is Really Indian at home.


really fresh curry sauce